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DEI Links



Link to the AOSA DEI page, which includes the AOSA song selection statement,  a useful glossary of terms, links to upcoming town hall conversations, useful articles, and more

A crowd sourced spreadsheet of insensitive songs, including links to research on why the songs are problematic.  There are many shared documents like this circulating around.  This one was linked on the AOSA website

Smithsonian Folkways: very diverse repertoire and research hub.

The Carnegie Hall organization has an amazing website with links to free, high quality free digital resources for music educators.

Reverberations article with tips on how to plan culturally diverse lessons.  Note- Only AOSA members can view this.

Know Better Do Better Project: A crowd sourced website where teaching artists share music they have created in order to replace problematic material in the curriculum.  Song writers share their process of researching the original material, analysing the desired musical and stylistic properties found in the removed material, and the process they used to create the new music.  Artists give permission for others to use their videos and music in the classroom and for other non-commercial use

Decolonizing the Music Room Website- A wealth of resources including videos, podcasts, songs and stories, articles, and much more.

Inclusive Language Guide



Music Ed Amplified Podcast-A music ed podcast with an anti-bias lens.

Podcast about DEI and classical music

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